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News from Grace Place 4 December 2014

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Dear Ones, This has been a crazy mixed up month with preparations for our annual Christmas gifts for Lethabo Kid’s Club and then the following week the nativity play put on by the 10-14 year olds. Both events went off well and the Lord has provided through His people for every need we have had.
Again this year we gave t-shirts; these say, “My (heart) belongs to Jesus”. They are the gift that keeps on preaching to the community the whole year. The kids also got packets of sweets as a treat. Then this past week the 10-14 year olds (Revolution Bible Study) put on the Nativity Play. This younger group and the older youth did a wonderful job in presenting the drama. They did it twice as we had about 1200 children and couldn’t fit them all in at one time.
My birthday was this month and I was very spoiled by family and friends and youth – really special. This past weekend we had our family Thanksgiving with family and friends at Richard and Cathie’s in Johannesburg. Now I’m looking forward to Connie and Kathleen coming to the farm for a short visit before they go to be with Connie’s three sons in the Cape. Then Richard and Cathie and their kids plan to come just before Christmas. We’re all really looking forward to these times of being together and enjoying the bush around Grace Place.
Healthwise I am now fine – but I had a tooth extraction with an infection afterwards and too much antibiotic. Thankfully that is over. Then my dog, Duke, my faithful companion got sick just before I had to leave for Johannesburg, but he is fine now.
Please continue to pray for my eyes as reading is difficult unless I have a strong light.
The Lord blesses in many ways. Last week two little boys about three years old were following me and they kept saying something. I asked one of the youth to interpret and he said, “They are saying, ‘White Granny’.” I hugged each of them and said, “sweet little black boys”. As I walked away they said, “I love her.” May Jesus love work through each of us to bring His message to all from small to big.
Much love to you all,,

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