Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 2 June 2014

Marilyn continues in the ministry in which she became involved in 2001 – that of sharing the gospel and a substantial meal with around 500 children in Leseding, the township near her of about 70,000 with approximately 70 per cent unemployment. This began as a ‘soup kitchen’ in which we actually served soup. But when summer came and it was too hot for soup, the menu was changed to peanut butter and jam sandwiches and fresh milk. Lethabo Kid’s Club is where the children know they will hear God’s message, sing praises, and have a substantial meal. You should see them running to get there!

The youth are a special part of her weekly ministry. God is at work in their lives, and many are developing into leaders in His work.

Hospitality has always been a major part of Cook’s ministry and Marilyn continues to host the youth, visiting missionaries, others who have come to help her and work in the ministry. For this, Grace Place, her home is ideal in providing a quiet place to draw near to the Lord and experience His beautiful creation.

Dear Ones, May has been a very full month. Here are some of my personal doings – appointments with the eye doctor and a general physical. Both came out good. My eye doctor says my eyes are very good, but we did discuss some things that are helping like making sure I have good light for reading, another pair of glasses so I can see better things that are just beyond my reading. May 5 was a day to remember that it has been 4 years since Stu went to be with the Lord, 48 years since we arrived in Cape Town and 56 years since we held the first services in Casper, Wyoming, meeting in our home. So many people have commented on how much Stu’s preaching, teaching and mentorship have meant in their lives. We all miss him, but truly thank the Lord that he is safely with the Lord. Big celebrations this month – St John – the community church I attend, celebrated 100 years since the small stone and thatch building was dedicated to God’s glory. So, it’s been 100 years of preaching the good news to this community from the little church in the wilderness. It takes me 45 minutes to get from my house to the church building on a Sunday morning, but it’s always worth it to be there! My eldest granddaughter, Becky, celebrated her 21st with a barn dance. It was fun for all. The first line dance was enough for me. Her party was a real testimony for the Lord as her dad shared about her commitment to the Lord. Can you tell that I’m really proud of her? (And, of course, all my grandkids). I did a three-day Pastel Bookkeeping course – my gracious daughters drove me across town each day through heavy morning and evening traffic (that’s one reason I like living in the bush). We had an Aletheia Board Meeting – I am the Chairman and Connie the co-Chairman – we have a great team on our board supporting the ministry which Connie is doing in Johannesburg. I was also able to meet with Al Corson who flew in while I was in Joburg and he caught me up to date on the ministry which he and Velma and Jason Nichol are doing with Stu’s seminar material. They have now given seminars in 9 countries with great success, and I was able to meet Leonard, one of the men from Mozambique who is now a qualified presenter of Insight Seminars. Our youth pastor here, Godfrey Lebese, who also drives for my out of town trips, and Leonard really hit it off and found they had much in common. Kid’s Club was blessed with a large donation of warm clothing by the Waterberg Academy (local school). Our weekly meetings are going well – wish you could hear the children sing! Godfrey usually leads the lesson and often has the kids acting out the story. While I was in Joburg the one Wednesday, Adam and Jennifer Hayes from The Fold Children’s Home oversaw the logistics. Thanks again, Adam and Jen, Ethan and Cailley! Early in May was the first film showing in the church building – a Family Film night. The movie, ‘Courageous’ was shown – however, we found that most of the people did not understand English that well, and the culture of the film was too different for them to relate to it. So, the next time we will be looking for something more suitable for the crowd who come. Simon Motshegoa and Godfrey Lebese and several of the older young men have been holding revival meetings in neighboring towns almost every weekend. This past month was a really tough one with four young people dying whom they had ministered to or with. One was a young girl who died trying to have an abortion – 7 months pregnant and someone gave her ‘medicine’ to take. The last one was two weeks ago when a young man dedicated to preaching the Word died in an horrific accident and they were by his side in the last moments. The young woman with him survived and he was able to tell her to take his Bible. And, speaking of Bibles, the woman at the petrol station whom I’ve known for a long time asked me for an English Bible for her 12 year old son. He is so happy with it that he is sleeping with it by his head (as well as reading it). And, one of my greatest joys is that my grandson Morne’ feels the Lord’s call upon him to minister full-time, especially with children. For right now he plans to continue his full-time job and help Connie with the work with Mom Batha as well as however he is needed. Do pray for him! This is a big decision for a man with a family, and they all want to be in God’s will! And, the family in the States who are committed to coming to South Africa are in God’s waiting room – please continue to pray for them. It’s also been a month of various challenges which I won’t bore you with because the Lord has seen me through each and every one! “Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Saviour, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amer.”

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