Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 27 August 2013
Dear Ones, This past month has had its share of challenges – but, praise the Lord, they’ve all been sorted. And spring is on the way – the jasmine is sending out its sweet scent and the weaver birds are now feverishly working in the fever trees. 
I even found a discarded double-decker house. I guess the little female thought that would be too much work to maintain. We’ve had cool, cloudy mornings, but sunny during the day and tonight is a balmy calm evening. With the fire danger this time of year, I appreciate the calmness. Have had large groups at Kid’s club and last week Christina (one of the youth) lined the kids all up and had them march around the new church building singing, “We are marching in the light of God” – pretty impressive with 800 plus kids. Our visitors from the UK were impressed with the discipline. We also had 6 youth from one of the local high schools who came as a community project for school. They and the guests handed out the sandwiches and milk and helped wash up the cups – a great help. The younger youth (Revolution) are getting more and more involved with helping with all the logistics of Wednesdays as well. On Friday evening, Kyle Carlisle and Megan Hanson who have just gotten their degrees from Summit Christian College are to arrive – Kyle for three months, Megan for six months. I know they will be a great help – especially as Christmas activities for the kids will be during that time. This past Saturday was Paul Prince’s birthday party at The Fold. It was great to see their 20 children and Lizette Naude (recently widowed) with her 6 small children. They all played so nicely, had lots of fun and were so well disciplined. One can see the kids are getting a great mixture of love and discipline. And, we adults had a lovely time of fellowship while the children played. Please pray for our Christmas activities with the Kid’s Club – we plan to do things differently this year – not one big party, but several surprise days. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and provision and that He will be glorified! If you would like to help with the purchase of food or the t-shirts we plan to give out, the banking details are: We have been promised a donation of sausages, and the local Academy will cook them for us. We’re in the process of getting Stu’s sermon tapes onto DVD’s. And my website has been redone and now has The Source, the magazine I edit, posted as well. My website is www.mission2sa.org. Much thanks to Cathie and Nadia for their great work! Much love, Marilyn

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