Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 3 April 2013
Prayer requests Please do pray for me as I will be speaking several times a week during this trip – that I will have the message the Lord wants me to give.

We’ve been in the States a little over a week – that’s my daughter Kathleen and I. Have visited my brother Bruce and his wife Karel and enjoyed their kids and granddaughters, did some sightseeing around Fredericksburg. It’s an incredible place for seeing historical sites dating back to the beginnings of the United States – the Revolutionary War, Civil War, etc.

Had a good flight to Denver on Tuesday and were met by a friend, Janel, who had picked up Kathleen’s brother, Forrest earlier from the airport. They enjoyed a lovely two days with a trip up to Estes Park, shopping, and just getting to know one another better.

In the meantime, I met with some seniors who had been hearing some of Stu’s Insights from the devotional book recently published in the states. Also met with a Missions Committee and was able to visit other friends in the area. Last night we went to a Good Friday service and had the Lord’s Supper.

 Today I was driven to Wheatland and will speak at Stu’s home church tomorrow morning at 7:00. Sounds like it will be a full day – but great to be with family and friends whom I don’t see often.

I haven’t had much news from South Africa, but what I have heard sounds like Lance and Jo are busy and are ministering to the children and youth in Leseding. They’ve had vehicle trouble, but that seems to be sorted now. Do keep them in prayer as well as it is a big undertaking.

Kathleen is to fly to California tomorrow to see her sister there – she plans to take Kath to Disneyland and Hollywood in the three days she is there and Kathleen is so excited!

We had 4 inches of snow while in Virginia and it was just beautiful – fortunately, we missed the blizzard conditions in Colorado that weekend. Weather has been good for us.

I’ve had trouble getting on internet with my computer, but hopefully it is
sorted now.

I’m very aware of the Lord’s presence and help all along the way – thank you for your prayers and may the Lord bless you!

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