Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 3 March 2013

December has been a different sort of a month. I went to Joburg the 30 November for Aletheia’s AGM and for our family birthday/anniversary/thanksgiving time together. While there, my vehicle developed an oil leak – so bad I had to have it towed to the mechanic. It took the better part of the week to get that fixed. We picked it up, but there was a knocking in the engine so took it back the next day to have the diesel injectors replaced – that took another week. Thankfully, the youth and the pastor of Adonai and his wife in Leseding were able to hold the Kid’s Club both weeks.

We got back on Friday just in time to prepare for two parties the next day for the younger youth group, Revolution and the older Youth. As Mbilizi Kibasomba came with Godfrey (my driver, and youth pastor) and me, we had him give the lesson to the older group - a great lesson from Ecclesiates on “a time to be born and a time to die” – that passage. Good discussion resulted.

Since then, Mbilizi and I were busy doing all the usual prep leading up to holiday time. On December 24, Cathie and Richard and their four plus one came for about 10 days. The kids enjoyed swimming, hiking, bicycling, as well as reading (no TV!). It’s so much fun to relate to my nearly grownup Rebecca, Rachel, Sarah and John-Michael, and visitor Jason. As John-Michael won the award for being the best in chess at his school, I presented him with Papa’s African carved chess set – I thought he deserved it! It really was a lovely time together with mostly good weather. We visited The Fold together and enjoyed seeing all their children and Paul and Micky in action blessing them.

Connie and Billy and Kathleen spent most of Christmas day preparing food and blessing the local police with a lovely Christmas Dinner. Morne’ and Jackie hosted the family at their house as their first Christmas at home. The other boys, Jeff, Jono and Josh were with friends for the holidays. I missed being with this part of my family.

The Aubs left yesterday for city life again and I went to town. Had a loud knocking in the back of the vehicle and learned that the bracket to the right rear shock had snapped. If you could see my road you wouldn’t be surprised. It was already bad, then the rains started and heavy rains washed out all the soil between and over the stones so it has been very precarious driving down the small pass  to get into town. I’ve inched my way up and down as have all my neighbors, but eventually it was just too much strain for the old ‘girl’. The mechanic removed the shock and I’m to take the vehicle in on Monday to have the bracket welded back on the chassis – mechanic was out of gas for welding - during the holidays you can get nothing here.

In all of this, I can still thank the Lord – He always provides me with the help I need at the right time. I thank Him for health and strength, for the blessing of such a lovely family, a whole bunch of youth who call me Aunty or Grannie and pray I’ll live another 20 or 30 years (I think that is a bit too long).

I look forward to the New Year and being with the children and youth again – we begin Kid’s Club again on the 9th January and Youth on the12th. Please pray the Lord’s guidance and help in leading the youth in their service to Him and that the children will grow in their faith and trust in Jesus.

Lance and Jo Teal are planning to be here from the 9 March to the 8 June so that I will be able to make a trip to the states again. Please pray with me about this – I’m hoping to bring my daughter Kathleen this time so that she can spend more time with her siblings in the states.

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