Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 5 March 2013

September was a month of visitors. Billy and Connie came up briefly with Jefferson, my eldest grandson. They were here just a few hours and as they were leaving, Jeff came and kissed me and said, “Love you Granny” about 6 or 8 times. He’s just turned 34. It was a short time, but very special.

Then Michael Calamia was here for lunch with two young women doing a short missions trip – Kate and Mackenzie. They came along and helped pass out bread and milk to the Kid’s Club children and seemed to really enjoy interacting with them.

Brent Messimer was a surprise visitor – youngest son of Dennis and Linda who served in SA for many years. We had a great time together – had a braai every night and he was also great in interacting with the youth I had coming out to Grace Place.

This past weekend Connie and her friend Sue and Sue’s daughter, Gaynor, were here for two days – again a special time as Sue had turned her back on the Lord when in her teens and now has come back to Him again. An answer to prayers of many years ago! We went to a game viewing of Cheetah which we were able to pet and saw hippo being fed – got some great photos. Then the next day, Sue and Gaynor had a horseback safari and saw giraffe and other animals while Connie and I watched a croc in the dam. We went for ‘Sundowners’ on top of a big rock (non-alcoholic for us), and saw the sun set as a big red ball. I even managed to climb on top – with quite a bit of help! Back at Grace Place we watched the big African full moon rise – a glory to behold. So – it was sort of a mini-holiday for us and a real treat from the Lord!

We’re told that when we pass through the fire, He will be with us – HE WAS! Friday before Connie and Sue arrived on Sunday was a terrible day with strong, strong winds and much dust – always a dangerous time in the bush while the grass is still long and very dry. We had made firebreaks around the house – quite wide ones – but when the fire came it was with horrific winds driving it on – right up to our firebreak. The flames were high and the sparks were flying right up toward the thatch roof. I just stood there praying – finally one of the neighbors said I must get in the car and go – I did. But, I returned in just a few minutes as I had to know what happened. All was well! The neighbor said, “A Miracle”! And it was. The neighbors were all out fighting the fire from afternoon until about 2:30 a.m. The two young men who had come back from town with me sat for hours watching to see when the fire would be close and praying – real prayer warriors. (That’s the second time the one, Thomas, has been with me in a time of crisis. So good not to be alone at such a time!) But then, I’m never alone as the Lord is always with me as He promises!

Healthwise, I’m praising the Lord as I’ve had some physio for a ‘frozen shoulder’ and it is helping a lot! My eyesight is still not as good as I had hoped for – still double vision, but I’m coping and able to read and do my bookkeeping and e-mails and drive.

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