Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 5 March 2013

Aletheia will continue to distribute food to the poor in Johannesburg under Connie’s direction. She is so committed to the Lord and what she is doing. If you desire to send any money for Aletheia, it can be sent to:

Mission to South Africa

PO Box 50063

Casper WY 82605


Our forwarding agents, Brian and Lois Lund, will see that this support is specified for Aletheia. The same goes for any gifts you may wish to send for the Christmas Party in Leseding or for the Christmas Parties which Connie sponsors.

Summer seems to have come! A few days ago we were still wearing layers to keep warm. Of course, we could still have a cold spell – but this past weekend it was really hot!

We finally have our new sign up for Lethabo Kid’s Club. It says ‘Adonay Life Christian Centre’ and ‘Lethabo Kid’s Club’.

The next project is to put up three walls under our roof to enclose it with one side open for expansion on big days with the Kid’s Club. There are sliding doors which are available to us for that side. Please pray for this project. The church meeting there, Adonay Life, and Kid’s Club will jointly finance the project.

We continue to have 300 to 600 kids each week for a Bible Story told by one of the youth leaders, lots of joyful singing, and their peanut butter and jam sandwiches and milk. From this group we now have between 20 and 30 10-14 year olds coming for Bible study on Saturdays. They call themselves Revolution. Please pray much for these children to really understand and love Jesus and that what they learn will stay with them all their lives! The older youth have recommitted themselves to being at Bible Study on Saturdays as well. We plan to use a Christian DVD this week, but usually we study straight from the Bible as I want them to learn to read and study it in consecutive order – not just proof texts from here and there. We’ve been in Acts for quite some time and are now studying I Timothy.

I think you remember my mentioning Emily, the one granny that regularly comes on Wednesday and we see that she has the essentials of food. A couple of weeks ago I looked at her bare feet and it was a really cold day. So, I left the children in charge of the youth and we went to buy Emily shoes. We got a pair for walking and a pair for warmth. She was so grateful. I wonder why I waited so long to see to those needs.

I’m looking ahead to the annual Christmas Party we have every year the end of November. Buying toys and organizing the food for 1300 children is a pretty big job. If any of you would like to have a project to help you can send the money to my forwarding agents, Brian and Lois Lund and specify that you want it to be used for toys or for food for the Christmas Party. I will need to buy the toys in October and the food in November. And please pray that we will have the help we need to put on the party as quite a few who helped last year are no longer available!

Since I wrote the above, I have had word from the local private school, Waterberg Academy, that they will help again with the party. Hallelujah!

Personally, I am well and thanking the Lord! I saw the eye doctor last week who put a plastic prism on the right lens of my glasses. If it works well, she will phone the nearest optometrist with the prescription and I can have it permanently in my glasses. It is helping, but not perfect. I have had various issues with my gas water heater, stove and fridge, but they are getting sorted out.

Three of the young men from Leseding are staying in the small house for prayer and fasting. They have planned a 7-day fast – we will see! But, I rejoice in their commitment to the Lord and wanting to be close to Him. It’s so good that I have the facilities for them to get away from the township and come out where it is quiet and peaceful.

I think that you will have received Connie’s newsletter. As you can see it has been an extremely stressful time for her and for Billy. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

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