Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 30 June 2014

Marilyn continues in the ministry in which she became involved in 2001 – that of sharing the gospel and a substantial meal with around 500 children in Leseding, the township near her of about 70,000 with approximately 70 per cent unemployment. This began as a ‘soup kitchen’ in which we actually served soup. But when summer came and it was too hot for soup, the menu was changed to peanut butter and jam sandwiches and fresh milk. Lethabo Kid’s Club is where the children know they will hear God’s message, sing praises, and have a substantial meal. You should see them running to get there!

The youth are a special part of her weekly ministry. God is at work in their lives, and many are developing into leaders in His work.

Hospitality has always been a major part of Cook’s ministry and Marilyn continues to host the youth, visiting missionaries, others who have come to help her and work in the ministry. For this, Grace Place, her home is ideal in providing a quiet place to draw near to the Lord and experience His beautiful creation.

Dear Ones, At this point I usually go back and refer to my diary to see what I’ve done all month – but my diary for June has nothing in it. I didn’t have time to write in it! So, now I have to put my memory to work. A highlight of the month was the outing for the Revolution Bible Study group. We ended up with 45 of us altogether with the youth helpers. I made two trips to town with the landcruiser and Godfrey drove the Ranger in 5 times! The fifth was to collect my worker, Douglas, so that he could repair the water line and pump for us. It’s not easy cooking for that many with no water on the tap. The kids played soccer on the lawn and we had a Bible Study on Jesus as the Bread of Life. That was interesting as even one of the older ones who was interpreting thought I was talking about a loaf of bread. But, I do believe they got the spiritual concept. During the month I had a sebaceous cyst removed (non-malignant) but that meant 3 trips to Modimolle about 60 k away to see my doctor there. Then I had a dose of cold/flu which put me in bed for a couple of days – I even missed Kid’s Club. The good thing was that the youth carried on with every thing and all went well. The Groenfontein Ladies Tea was at my home in June. The young man I mentioned who came in a dress a few months ago came – dressed appropriately! I invited him to come and visit any time and last week he came to bring me a book on roses which he had bought for me. We did discuss world-view a bit. I realize I must build up a friendship in order to present the gospel to him as he is quite touchy about ‘God’. Working on the next issue of The Source has been another fun activity – the people at the church write so well. This issue will be on Father, and I have some incredible testimonies about being a father, a grandpa, and growing up fatherless. My good friend, June from Austin and her traveling companion, Carolyn arrived last Tuesday. One of the special things we did was to enjoy a real South African meal prepared by Godfrey’s mother. It was soooo good. If you come to visit, I will arrange one for you. We also went to visit The Fold, Paul and Micky Prince’s ministry about 45 minutes from here. We were treated to Chili and homemade gluten-free corn bread. That was also a special treat! It was a short visit and they had to leave again on Friday. We didn’t do a game drive as they’ve done about everything including walking with 2 male lions, lying on the ground with the meercats playing on top of them, eating with giraffe. To see Carolyn’s blog about her visit to Kid’s Club, google CAROLYNTRAVELS.COM. I’m looking forward to a woman from Hong Kong arriving next Mondaya for two weeks. After that is an evangelistic meeting in Leseding/Vaalwater with Stephen Lungu. If you haven’t heard of him, goodle Africa Enterprise International. His story is how a little boy deserted at the age of 5 by his mother is now is head of Africa Enterprise- how God can work such a miracle. It seems I’ve written a book! Waiting to hear from you all! Love in Jesus, Marilyn

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