Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 31 July 2013
Dear Ones, We have some exciting things happening here. The church in Leseding, Adonay Life Christian Fellowship, has nearly finished putting up the three walls of the building which will double for church and for Kid's Club. The other side will be walls at each end with sliding doors in between which can be opened up for Kid's Club - letting in plenty of air on hot days and making room for overflow. There will probably be a roof over that area to protect from rain or sun on days we have big crowds. In the meantime, we've had crowds of over 800 children meeting outside on their benches and have managed. They have enjoyed their singing times, and participated well in the storytimes. It will be amazing to be in a building once this one is finished! Other news is a small tin house that has been erected for Martha, who has worked for me for many years. She will be taking over the raising of her niece's children from the first of the years and needs the space for them. It's very basic - four walls and a cement floor. She is in line for a small brick house to be built on the property sometime in the future which will have small kitchen and two bedrooms and a lounge. The kitchen and bathroom will probably come with no fixtures. When that will happen, we don't know - so this little house will help in the meantime. I'm trying to get some projects finished up around the house while it is still winter, before the rains begin. I finally got the kudu horns mounted which were sitting on the veranda for several years. Stu always wanted to get them mounted. A local taxidermist did them for me and I proudly hung them up in the lounge. They looked really good along with the other trophies which Stu had gotten. This old kudu died on the farm in a fight with a younger bull. But - my dog, Duke did not like them. In the first place when they were lying on the wall outside when I first brought them home, they looked like a giant snake. But, once on the wall, they looked like the kudu he sees outside at night and he was terrified - barked and whined every time he saw them and even made sure that I walked down the stairs between him and that 'scary thing'! So, finally I had them moved to Lapaside house. He has finally realized that they are not up there and has quit barking every time he come into the house. Cathie and I are in the process of getting the sermon tapes of Stu's put onto DVD's. On the way to Joburg this weekend, my driver Godfrey and I listened to three of them. The one, 'The Coronation of Jesus Christ' is such a great study and sermon. I can hardly wait to get them on DVD's so more people can enjoy them. Kyle and Megan from Summit Christian College are to arrive the end of August. I know they will be a great help! I'm excited about their coming. My days are full and my health is good and I thank the Lord. We're in the process of working on the Christmas project for the children - quite an undertaking for plus/minus 1000 kids! Will let you know more as plans firm up. In Jesus love, Marilyn

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