Mission to South Africa
News from Grace Place 4 June 2015

Marilyn continues in the ministry in which she became involved in 2001 – that of sharing the gospel and a substantial meal with around 500 children in Leseding, the township near her of about 70,000 with approximately 70 per cent unemployment. This began as a ‘soup kitchen’ in which we actually served soup. But when summer came and it was too hot for soup, the menu was changed to peanut butter and jam sandwiches and fresh milk. Lethabo Kid’s Club is where the children know they will hear God’s message, sing praises, and have a substantial meal. You should see them running to get there!

The youth are a special part of her weekly ministry. God is at work in their lives, and many are developing into leaders in His work.

Hospitality has always been a major part of Cook’s ministry and Marilyn continues to host the youth, visiting missionaries, others who have come to help her and work in the ministry. For this, Grace Place, her home is ideal in providing a quiet place to draw near to the Lord and experience His beautiful creation.

Dear Ones, The Lord keeps sending me surprises – three weeks ago it was a lovely lady named Cecelia who needed a place of quiet and retreat. We had a wonderful time together with Adam who was my assigned driver that week. We laughed and prayed and they cooked and it was a great week. Then Godfrey and I went to Joburg to meet with Al Corson – and Godfrey had a serious bout with diarhea and bleeding and we spent Monday sorting out Godfrey’s needs for medical help as well as having a great meeting with Al – Connie, Cathie and I. It was all very frustrating because our time with Al was so important and so limited – and Godfrey was sitting all day in pain in hospital queues (lines) waiting to see a doctor. (Godfrey is much better and hopefully will be able to get his medical needs met nearer to us in Vaalwater.) Do pray for him. And keep Al and Velma Corson and Jason Nichol in prayer as they continue to successfully use the Insight Seminar material all over the world! I also saw the eye specialist that week. She said I do have some deteriation, that is to be expected – but I won’t go blind soon. I told my dear friend, Nina Baber, that and she replied, “You will never go blind, ever!” I love Christians who pray! Then last week the Lord surprised me with four who wanted to come to Grace Place for prayer and fasting. They are sweet, sweet Christians and we had some great times of sharing the word and praying together. They are Danny, Blessing, Penelope, and Mapula as well as Godfrey who hosted them here. So, now I am aware that when I pray for co-workers, the Lord often surprises me! This week I arrived early for Lethabo Kids Club and sat in the church watching the young one, 5 and 6 year olds, setting up the benches. The seats and the legs are heavy, almost too heavy for them, but they love doing it and are so proud of their work. I thought they would be exhausted, but they still had energy for some half-cartwheels across the width of the church hall. We had a great crowd, and the two young women visiting me, Penelope and Mapula, led the kids in a song and dance about the glory of the Lord coming down. Great fun for the kids. A week ago was an outing for the Bible Study kids, Revolution. Altogether with the older guys who came to help and watch the swimmers we had 50. We hired an 18 seater taxi and used my two vehicles to get everyone there and back. A Bible Challenge on the things we have been studying from Genesis was part of the afternoon’s agenda. It’s the half-year mark for those who have been away at college and after exams this week they will be home for about 3 weeks. Meanwhile, we are getting two more young men registered for the same college that two are in. Altogether I think we are wholly or partially supporting 8 varsity or high school students. If we were not able to do this, they would have to sit at home as there is no work in this area! This coming Saturday, we are having a founding meeting to set up an NPO (non-profit organization) board to manage the student part of the ministry. I praise and thank the Lord, and you His faithful helpers for your provision for the Kid’s Club, the destitute we’ve been able to help, and the young people who are now getting the opportunity to study and prepare for their life’s work – ultimately to establish Christian homes and raise up children for the Lord. I’m working on The Source, the magazine I edit for the local church and hope to have that out in June. Connie and I are busy organizing thins here and our itinerary for our time in the States. Thank the Lord for health and strength and His mighty promises. “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus!” Philippians 4:19 Love in Him,, Marilyn


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